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Zumba Dance – the App that Will Make You Break a Sweat

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KC_178-Zumba-Dance-(app)Years ago dancing was done in clubs and parties.

Now you can do it anywhere, thanks to modern technology.

If you are a Zumba lover (and I know there are so many of you out there!), you will fall for the Zumba Dance app which is created for iPads.

It is a motion-based game featuring tunes from famous artists, allowing you to follow intense classes that will help you stay in shape by losing a great deal of calories.

Once you download the app to your iPad create your personal profile that will tell you how many calories you burned during each Zumba session.

With this dynamic app you can dance to a song, take a full class, learn new sexy moves, set goals with a fitness plan and browse the tracker for your progress.

Zumba Dance detects your moves and tells you how you are doing.

Start your dancing routine wherever your iPad can be placed on a flat surface and there is enough space for you to move.

Go on!

No one is watching.

Find It Here: Zumba Dance – the App that Will Make You Break a Sweat

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