Yonanas – Creating Delicious 100% Frozen Fruit Desserts

If ice cream is blissful, yonanas are pure paradise!

A dessert that is made in seconds using 100% frozen fruit and tastes just like mouthwatering ice cream is something everyone would raise their hands for.

It is so healthy and so full of vitamins and nutrients that it can be served for breakfast as well!

Originally created to be used with frozen bananas, the Yonanas dessert maker can be used with literally any frozen fruit you like (and a bit of dark chocolate for a rich flavor and extra anti-oxidants).

Take some peeled and frozen over-ripe bananas, insert them in the chute, push them down with the plunger and watch your device grind and emulsify the fruit, creating dairy-free desserts super-quickly!

Use it for yummy treats or healthy party ideas, and increase your daily fruit intake with desserts that you will not feel guilty about!

Just find your favorite fruit blend and indulge in the rich Yonanas taste!

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