I am a mom of 3 who weighed 270lbs for 15 years. I was working as a speech-language pathologist and had tried everything. One day, after realizing I couldn’t breathe and tie my shoes at the same time, I decided to use a trainer I had found who specialized in WEIGHTLOSS. I LOST 120lbs the RIGHT way…through diet and exercise. My trainer also addressed what others do NOT…the heart and the mind. In July, I opened my own small facility where I do nothing but deal with women and weightloss. My weightloss CHANGED MY LIFE!  I went to school for 7 years and ended up leaving my profession to follow my PASSION.   Now, I spend my days paying it forward. My former trainer, Rob Hatch, (www.trainerhatch.com) helped me change my life. This AHA moment made me so passionate that I have chosen to spend my life helping women lose weight but the RIGHT way. I LOVE it!!  If I can do it, ANYONE CAN DO IT with the right tools and a trainer with some passion! (www.journeyfitnesscenter.com)


Source: iReports