Weight Mirror – The Virtual Weight Loss App

Can you imagine how amazing you would look if you managed to lose those extra -pounds you have been fighting with, lately?

Today it’s all about diets, exercising and staying fit.

And, if you are trying to lose weight or, on the contrary, you are in the team that does not manage to put any pounds on, you are in for a treat!

I am talking about a very cool app called Weight Mirror, which allows you to see your hypothetical self with extra or less pounds.

Yes, it is like looking at yourself in a virtual mirror, seeing how you would look with a dramatically different weight.

After you have downloaded this app for free (how cool!) you must upload your own photo and start playing with your weight.

This app uses advanced facial recognition, visually simulating weight loss or gain.

Input your weight and height and you will find out what your ideal weight would be.

Who goes first, ladies?

Find It Here: Weight Mirror – The Virtual Weight Loss App