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How I Lost Weight: I Lost 74 Pounds After Being Homeless

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I started modeling at the age of 21. At the time, I had just moved out of homeless shelter that had been my home for two years in Seattle. My childhood past was full of abuse and I was a former ward of the state. Life had truly taken a turn for me.

My son in tow, I moved to New York City and modeled successfully for several years. At the age of 25, however, I began to gain weight uncontrollably. I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and lost my modeling contract. I felt like a failure. Depression sank in and I gave up on modeling but stuck with doing make-up artistry.

At the age of 29, I felt unhealthy, out of shape and unattractive. I would avoid events for fear of being photographed. A friend just so happened to tag a photo of me on a social networking site and I had an out-of-body experience.

I couldn’t believe how big I had gotten! I cried and made up my mind to change my mind, and my life. There would be no more succumbing to depression. There would be no more crash diets, late night binges, and making statements like, “when I lose weight, I will…..”

My change started immediately. I decided first to lose, ‘weight’ in my spirit. I released negative thoughts surrounding my past. Forgave. Met my biological parents, reconciled with my trauma…

Next, I completely cut off Sugar, dairy, and all processed foods. Within 2 weeks, I had lost twelve pounds.

Within a year I lost a total of 68 pounds.

Not only did my modeling career pick up again, but I landed my first fitness cover, and I have been soaring professionally, and within.

I follow the Eat Clean way of life without fail. Five small meals a day, high in protein, low in bad carbs. I love running, pilates, and dancing….

My Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom symptoms completely subsided, and I feel like I am living again…. Not just existing.

Thank you for allowing me to share!

MelissaRoshan Potter

Source: iReports

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