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after1jpg-2344868_p9sorry if this multiposts. basically I was 300 plus pounds. I was unhappy– hated how I felt physically ( i was in pain from the pressure on my joints), hated how I looked, hated how I was treated. I felt ugly, gross, unwanted. and often times when I’d go out I’d be mocked or harrassed. I never had a boyfriend once I had gained all the weight. I needed something to change so I got gastric bypass and it was the best decision I ever made. It has given me a life. maybe a bit too late. I’m still single but at least I no longer hate myself and I’m no longer in pain all the time. I’m fairly happy. I can fit into seats at baseball games. I can fly and not have to pay double. I am becoming socially adventurous. it was the best decision I made. the underwear I’m holding up I used to be able to fit into.


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