Weight loss through racing

Last June, I was 200+ pounds.  I don’t actually know my starting weight, since every time I went to the doctor’s I would close my eyes when they took my weight.  Especially after that first time I saw the nurse move the 200 lb bar over and start putting on the one pound bars.  I was always big- at the height of my soccer and tennis playing days in high school I had 160 lbs on my 5-foot-8 frame.  In college I gained about 10 lbs a year, and after a knee injury playing indoor soccer, I was unable to do much physical activity at all.

Finally last summer I had the funds (and the health insurance) to get my knee injury fixed.  I developed complications because of my weight and inactivity that scared me into being more physical.

I started out slow, working out on an elliptical at the gym.  I didn’t diet per say, but made the decision to replace one meal a day with a salad or fruit plate, and eat healthy breakfasts.  I cut out unhealthy snacks, and ate a lot of fruit.  I also discovered skinny cow fudge bars, which satisfy my chocolate cravings for less than 100 calories.

Eventually my boyfriend, who was in to running, got me to sign up for a race with him.  I trained 3 times a week, running 2-5 miles each time, and went to the gym on my off days.  By the time I ran that first 8K race, I was 170 lbs. I was so proud of my time that race- 53:10! I continued training for other races, and battling more injuries (my knee problems predispose me to stress fractures).  Last month I ran a 5k in 26:29, and this past weekend I ran a 15k race in 1:26:53.  I now weigh 138 lbs and wear a size 4, having lost about 65 pounds.  I’ve maintained this weight since June, and I hope to maintain it.  I run three times a week now, 3-7 miles at a time.  I intend to complete a half-marathon in May, and hopefully run the Chicago Marathon next fall.


Source: iReports