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Weight Loss Success Story: Yvette Shed 105 Pounds With The Help Of Boot Camp

I began gaining weight soon after I gave birth to my firstborn, Jasmyne. I decided to breastfeed my daughter, and I was told that if I breastfed I would need to eat a few more calories to sustain my energy. Unfortunately, I ate too many calories and the weight began to stick to me like glue.


Name: Yvette Michelle Nathan-Jones
Age: 37
Height: 5’7″
Before Weight: 290 pounds

I was also an emotional eater, and I loved carbs — especially breads and desserts. I was a stay-at-home mother with a new baby; I was doomed from the beginning. Prior to getting married, I was 180 pounds, which wasn’t great, but it was okay. By the time Jasmyne was 12 months old, I was well over 240 pounds. I started working with Jenny Craig, and I lost 40 pounds, but I had to stop going because it became too costly, and I got pregnant again.

When Jasmyne was two, I gave birth to another daughter, Kaylen. My pre-pregnancy weight was 232 pounds. Yes, I had gained most of my weight back. My doctor was very concerned and told me not to gain a pound. I only gained 13 pounds during my second pregnancy. I had two beautiful girls that I stayed home to raise, but I began to become unhappy.

I stopped looking in the mirror. I started dressing frumpy. I was crying for no reason and having suicidal thoughts. We moved back to my hometown of Columbus, Georgia, and I found comfort in food. Food was my friend. Exercising was not important, because I didn’t care. I blamed myself for reaching an uncontrollable and unattractive size.

Breaking Point: I finally weighed in at a weight-loss center at 290 pounds. I chose not to join that program, but I did end up seeing a psychiatrist. After being diagnosed with hypertension and Type 2 diabetes, I finally joined KBH Fitness — a boot camp and personal training center here in Columbus, Georgia — in September 2009. I felt I was a lost cause, tipping the scale at a humongous 290 pounds, but my daughters were my inspiration. They needed a mother, and I was not going to allow weight to kill me.

How I Lost It: Katrina B. Hill and my fellow KBH’ers (that’s what we, the clients, call ourselves), are a trainer and support group that love to see you succeed. They all became my friends that I grew to love deeply. My workout regimen there includes five days a week of personal training, boot camp and/or aerobics.

I also totally changed my eating habits. I have incorporated more fruits and veggies, especially during snack time. Now, I snack on almonds, granola bars, fruit and yogurt. Junk food has been severely limited. I make lunch my biggest meal of the day and have condensed my portion sizes. At home, second and third helpings are rare. Sodas have been cut out and juice is moderated. We have replaced baked potatoes or French fries with sweet potatoes or sweet potato fries. I try not to consume any carbs after 3 p.m.

So far, I was able to lose 105 pounds! As a result of this tremendous weight loss, my family doctor took me off of all my medications for hypertension and diabetes, as long as I promised to continue working out. Those meds cost $332 a month, money that went back into my pocket.

My weight loss goal is 165 pounds, so, needless to say, I am still a work in progress. I chose to write about my weight loss journey on my blog, Losing Weight Finding Me, as well as on Facebook. I feel great! I wear a size 12, which is a big difference from the size 24 I used to wear. My body is becoming more and more sculpted, and my confidence is at an all-time high. My entire family has adopted a healthier lifestyle of proper eating and physical activity. Life is good!

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