Weight Loss Story

Hi!  I substantially gained weight over the past 10 years.  I had turned to food when dealing with some difficult things in my life.  Food had become my comfort and a way to medicate myself.  Food was a friend and my addiction.  I reached my high weight of 361 lbs and had become pretty much housebound.  I could hardly walk or move.  It was hard to breathe whenever I did much physical exertion.  I was always so fatigued.  I was so unhappy and miserable.  I turned even more to food when I was diagnosed with MS.  The weight did not help this and aggravated the symptoms of fatigue and pain I suffered from MS.  In order to try to have some life my husband bought me a rolling walker seat so I could try to go places.  Even with that it was very hard for me to do much.  Then from the weight I ended up getting terrible leg ulcers and a bad staph infection from the ulcers.  My blood pressure was borderline high.  This was my light bulb moment!  I knew I needed to become healthy so I could live life.  I joined Weight Watchers and began my weight loss journey.  In 14 months I lost 100 lbs!  I no longer have the leg ulcers and staph infection!  My blood pressure is good!  I am able to walk good and go to all kinds of places now!  I no longer suffer with much fatigue or pain like I did from the MS as I get healthy!  I no longer have trouble breathing from physical exertion!  I feel pretty good!  I’m still on my weight loss journey as I still have a long way to go.  I do hit detours or go in the ditch on my journey but I don’t give up and always get back on the main road of my weight loss journey and continue on!  I’m going to lose another 100 lbs on my journey.  I’ll become an after instead of a before!

Source: iReports