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Weight Loss Before and After: Mary Dropped 45 Pounds And Transformed Her Body

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Mary lost 45 pounds! See my before and after weight loss pictures, and read amazing weight loss success stories from real women and their best weight loss diet plans and programs. Motivation to lose weight with walking and inspiration from before and after weightloss pics and photos.Mary Mornout’s Weight Loss: 45# for 10 year
Weigh Down Testimony:

I am living a MIRACLE! And it is all Praise to God Almighty , for bringing me to the Weigh Down Workshop 14 years ago. I remember being an over eater as early as age 9, when going off to summer camp, my greatest highlight was the food. How sad to remember that! This desire to over eat only grew, and as I reached my teen years , I was on my way to being an expert in the diet pill industry. During my college years and early marriage , I spent any extra income on a variety of popular weight loss clinics. Can you imagine the money I spent always trying to lose weight, permanently? My poor husband could! The result of these diets: NOTHING permanently worked. I always gained my weight back. All of my obsessive dieting eventually took a toll on my marriage and children. Then in my 11th hour, a time when no diet was working , God, in His great mercy, sent me The Weigh Down Workshop. Weigh Down was where I learned to stop blaming others or my circumstances for my being overweight. It was in my very first Weigh Down class that I started look inward at my own actions. I learned I was responsible, not my mother or my husband, not my bad day full of frustrations or whatever excuses I had at the time to eat more than my body needed. I learned to tell myself the truth. My heart was greedy for food. I learned God really does care about my actions, and He truly has set up boundaries regarding how He wants me to live. My miracle has been the Permanent Changes in my heart! These heart changes resulted in permanent weight changes. I changed from being an over eater, very self focused, angry and depressed person, to now a person who Truly loves God and the life He has given me! I was taught through Weigh Down how God truly loves a repentant heart, and by choosing to do His will daily, the result is I haven’t dieted in years. I have gained so much more than I could have ever imagined by letting go of the love for food. I have a beautiful relationship with my husband and children. I love learning to live daily in God’s boundaries! My children have not known an overweight mother who is always dieting, but a mother who loves God and loves caring for their needs. There is no more depression and anger, yo-yo dieting, or the pain of a self focused life. I will forever Praise God for this MIRACLE He has shown me through the Weigh Down Workshop!

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Mary Mornout: Resident of Brentwood Tennessee, age 43, Registered Nurse, Married 20 years, Mother of 4 children. Very Happy!


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