Weight Loss Not Rewarded

My wife has spent her adult life being overweight.

She has tried every diet plan there was, with no success. She finally had enough, and last March, at age 43, began again to lose weight.

In the last year, she has lost over 150 lbs, and her goal of losing 200 lbs is now in her sights. She has done this by eating healthy, whole foods and exercising.

No plans, no gimmicks, no surgeries. Since she has lost this weight, she now has excess skin on her body. She went to see a plastic surgeon to see what could be done. He told her that insurance would not pay for any of this type of surgery, since it would be considered cosmetic.

Sure enough, we got a letter from the insurance company that stated exactly that. The irony of this is that if she had stayed at her original weight, and developed all sorts of medical issues, insurance would have paid for all of it. Even if she would have had any weight loss surgery, they would have paid for that as well.

But since she did this on her own, which in the long run will save the insurance company money because she is healthy, they will not pay for anything. When she sees the excess skin on her body, and knows that it cannot be taken care of (the surgeries are very expensive, so most people cannot afford to pay for this out of pocket), she gets upset and depressed.

All she wants is to be rewarded for taking care of herself, and for others to not have to worry about their bodies once they start losing weight. She has started a Facebook page and website to encourage others to live healthy and take back their bodies. She has started a support chapter in her home town, and is planning on another in our current town. There are no membership fees, no products to buy, and no sales pitches. Just people coming together to help each other lose weight and be healthy.

What is wrong with our insurance industry that they cannot see the long term benefits of people losing weight? We have been bombarded that Americans are overweight and unhealthy, but when someone does something about it, they are penalized even further.

My wife is my hero. As I see what she has done, and how she is helping others, it breaks my heart that she cannot wear sleeveless shirts or shorts because she is self-conscious about her extra skin.

Source: iReports