Weight Loss Stories

weight gone forever

I had done several diets and each time thought this is the one. I had no lasting results.  I was depressed, felt hopeless and tried to accept that I was fat.   I cried out to God to take the weight off.  He brought me to Weigh Down. In 1/2003 I joined a Weigh Down class.  Immediately I began changing physically and spiritually. Where I used to be fat and angry, I am now thin and joyful.  Shopping is now a painless and enjoyable experience verses an agonizing time of disappointment, anger and depression. I now love God more than the food.  My food is to do the will of the Father.  I no longer study and follow food rules, but now study God’s words and ways.  I have lost 50 pounds and have no fear of gaining it back.  The freedom and peace from doing it God’s way is incredible! I love staying inside God’s boundaries of hunger and fullness.

Source: iReports

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