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Her turning point Two months later, a co-worker who wasnt aware that shed already had her baby asked Lisette when she was due. I was stunned that someone thought I still looked pregnant, she says. I realized I was popping out of my size 16/18 pants and really did look like I was about to have another baby!

Her weight-loss & exercise plan Lisette started by keeping a journal for two weeks to see where she needed to make changes. I saw that I was eating too many fried and processed foods, instead of fruits and vegetables, she says. Since Lisette couldnt afford a gym membership, she exercised at home with kickboxing aerobics videos.

Making success happen At rst, Lisette could barely make it through 10 minutes of the workout tape before getting winded, but she stuck with it and faithfully exercised each evening. I was exhausted, but it felt good, she says. A few weeks later, her sister bought a treadmill at a garage sale and gave it to Lisette, who started alternating between walking on it and doing aerobics workouts each evening.

To improve her eating habits, Lisette began trimming portion sizes. I also read labels and looked for lowfat, high-ber foods, she says. She bought fewer processed foods and instead, vegetables became staples in Lisettes meals. She also started grilling chicken and used other lowfat cooking techniques to modify her familys favorite recipes.

As Lisette built up her stamina on the treadmill, she bought dumbbells to strength train. After a busy day at work and taking care of my kids, workouts became me time, she says.

After just two months, Lisette was 10 pounds lighter and noticed other changes. My clothes were looser on me, and soon, my size-18 pants were falling off, she says.

Lisette stuck with her new exercise and eating habits, and a year later, she reached her current weight of 140 pounds. Now I feel like the happy, self-condent and energetic mom that my kids deserve to have, Lisette says. Im t and proud and able to accomplish anything.

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