Weight Loss Success Story: Twins Lost 250 Pounds Together

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Rhonda and Yolanda Joiner (identical twins) were overweight most of their adult lives.
They both suffered from sleep apnea, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. In December 2007, they decided to have Gastric Bypass Surgery and today they are free of these ailments, They use to spend $400 a month on medications to control these conditions but today they only spend about $12 on meds. We have not had any sweets or fried foods since the surgey in 2007.
We were featured on a news story on Fox 2 Detroit on December 21, 2009. We exercise six days a week. The surgery was a big part in us losing weight, but in reality we have will power, determination, and perserverance not to indulge in fried foods or sweets.
We want the world to know that no matter which diet, surgery, or other programs you try, it takes the individual to make a commitment to oneself to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We lost of total of 250 pounds together


Source: iReports