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Weight Loss Success Stories: Jennier And Jessica Lost A Total Of 81 Pounds Together

Jennifer, 27, and Jessica, 26

Friends since middle school band class, these two tended to use food as a focus for their time together. As they reached their 20s, they knew it was time to take control. “The weight loss was a life-changing experience for us as individuals, as well as together,” says Jessica. Now they’re preparing for Jennifer’s wedding in late 2011, where Jessica will serve as her maid of honor.

Method: Jessica joined Weight Watchers first and began losing some weight. Jennifer was so inspired that she joined soon after. “Weight Watchers worked because it taught us how to eat, not just what to eat,” says Jessica. “Many people know they should eat fruits and vegetables. However, they aren’t thinking about portion control or special ordering when dining out.” They both walked daily as a main source of exercise and completed a 5K Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge last year with other members. Jessica recently started jogging as well and is preparing for her first 15K.

Buddy Bonus: Confidence. “It can be a little scary starting a weight-loss program on your own and it’s easy to feel self-conscious,” says Jennifer. “Having someone else along for the ride gave me a boost that enabled me to push through my insecurities.”

Source: Womansday

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