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The strategies one woman used to lose 50 pounds

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Weight Lost: 50 lb

Time to Goal: 18 months

Unique secret to success: Paying careful attention to the textures and flavors of favorite foods, then substituting more healthful alternatives. Focusing really helped her get a handle on weight loss, from taking the time to savor the foods she ate to taking note of her reasons for eating.

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“I was 38 years old, weighed 197 lb, and was looking ahead to my 40th birthday. I really wanted to be happy with my weight when I reached that milestone. It was November of 1999, and my big birthday was coming up on July 13, 2001; that gave me about 20 months to get to ‘140 by 40.’

“I noticed that I tend to eat more when I’m upset or under stress. Keeping a food diary was a good way to track all of the little nibbles and tastes of food that I took in each day without even realizing it. Soon, the diary served as an alternative to eating just for comfort.

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“I also allowed myself one ‘free’ meal a week–in moderation–such as dinner with my family at a buffet restaurant. This was a great way to feel my success because I could finally eat just one plate of salad, one plate of hot foods, and a small sampling of the dessert bar and feel satisfied. Before I started to focus on losing weight, I felt that I wasn’t getting my money’s worth unless I gorged myself with two plates of everything.

“One of the most important things I learned is to pay attention to the flavors and textures of foods I really enjoy, then substitute a more healthful food for the fattening foods I tend to overeat. For example, when I crave chocolate, rather than indulging in a double-fudge brownie with ice cream and chocolate syrup, I have a cup of fat-free hot chocolate instead. The difference in calories, fat, and guilt is well worth it. I’ve even switched to cheeses and butter substitutes made from lower-fat vegetable protein.

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“I also did my best to balance eating sensibly with enough exercise. I swim, take a spinning class, and run. I also do yoga to help with a hamstring injury. And I try to lift weights 1 to 3 days a week. I’m trying these days to get back into doing the types of fun exercise I enjoyed as a teenager, such as skiing. This past ski season I really enjoyed being in shape and having the endurance to ski hard the whole time without having to stop several times per run.”

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