The great Candy sacrifice

A year and a half ago my sister and I decided that we were addicted to candy and needed to quit cold turkey.  We have been ‘clean’ ever since. That one small success made it possible for me to focus on being healthy in other aspects of my life. I started to eat healther and calculate my caloric intake. It took about 8 months but I lost 65 pounds. I am now slowly starting to lose more weight and hope to reach my final weight loss goals by the end of this summer. One of the hardest things for me to learn, and something that I still stuggle with, is the idea of food as a reward. Getting rid of the candy temptation helped, but there are still some mental battles I go through when I decide not to eat food in “celebration” of anything. I have actually learned that the happier I am the more I want to eat, when I am sad I dont have a problem, I can stick to the 1500 calories I have designated. Weight loss is very much a mental process more than anything. I could definitely use some more encouragement to finish my goal though!!! As a bonus, my sister quit smoking four months ago because she figured if she could give up candy she certainly could give up smoking as well!  Most recently we have decided to give up fast food, which has helped me eat even healthier and now I am training to run in a 5K soon and have started to lose more weight.

Source: iReports