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The Booty Wrap – the Faux Multiple Pocket Sweatshirt to Tie Around the Waist

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KC_45-The-Booty-WrapWhen covering your derriere and stashing your essentials turn into a dual-necessity, you only have one solution to your problem: the Booty Wrap.

If you ever stuffed money in your pocket, lipstick in your sports bra or the phone in your waistband you are one of us!

I’ve been there as well because I wanted to be hands-free while walking or exercising, and refused the idea of a bulky sweatshirt around my waist just to carry my things.

When I heard about the Booty Wrap – the fake and flat sweatshirt with zippered pockets that can be tied around the waist – I knew this was just what I had been looking for.

I love it because it is flat and totally slimming, it does not double the size of my bum and it carries all my small items (phone, keys, cash) while I walk, hike, take the kids to the park or the dog out for a walk.

Cover that booty for a hands-free experience!

Find it on Amazon:  The Booty Wrap

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