Teresa’s body transformation, lose almost 50lbs and a whole lot of body fat. Check it out!

Teresa first realized she was completely out of shape and fat after looking at some vacation pictures. This was the deciding motivation that helped her lose almost 50lbs and a whole lot of body fat. Check it out! 

Vital Stats

Email: thunt@greatparks.org

BodySpace: sixzebra

Name: Teresa Hunt


Weight: 180 lbs

Size: 14

Body Fat: 21%

Attitude: Sucked


Weight: 133 lbs

Size: 4

Body Fat: 6%

Attitude: I can accomplish anything.

(*The 6% was a goal I met for a contest – I maintain between 10-12% in the off season.)

How I Got Started

A couple of things got this started for me. First were vacation pictures. I’d been athletic all my life, until mid-way through college. Fast food and late nights studying started taking its toll on my body. Then after becoming a police officer and getting married, my weight continued to climb.

After going on a vacation and getting my pictures back, I was stunned to see how out of shape I had become. That was what initially motivated me to do something about it.

The other part of the motivation came from some co-workers who made comments about some before/after pics I was looking at. They stated that the pics were photoshopped and there was no way that that was for real. I bet them I could write my own before/after story with pics and get in a magazine. Of course, they didn’t believe me. Until I showed them my published story with pics in a bodybuilding magazine.

How Did I Do It

Well first I bought every fitness magazine on the market and started educating myself. When I ran out of magazines, I surfed the internet, reading anything I could find on subjects ranging from how to set up a 3-day split to what kind of carbs I should eat.

Finding Bodybuilding.com a few years ago was a jewel of a find as it contained virtually everything I could ever need to reach my fitness goals. It took awhile as I made some mistakes along the way in regards to nutrition and working out. Hiring a trainer is what finally helped me reach my goal.

I was very fortunate that I had someone to ask questions of anytime of the day and more or less hold me by the hand all the way through to my first contest.

Overall, it was just sheer determination in achieving something I thought was impossible and finding out along the way that really, when you set your mind to it and you want it bad enough, nothing is impossible. I have since gotten my PT cert. and share my enthusiasm and love of working out with my clients.


Learning what supplements to take and how they work was a whole new learning experience. Once again I relied heavily on bb’com’s boards as I read people’s logs etc. in deciding what supps would work best for me.

Some of the best supplements I’ve used with great success were BSN’S NO-Xplode and MuscleTech’s energy drinks. But the mainstay in my supplement cabinet has to be Beverly International products. Muscle Provider (chocolate) is in my diet everyday as is their Glutamine Select, Joint Care and Super Pak. Pre-contest I add in Beverly’s Mass and Ultra 40.

Sample Diet

My diet stays the same throughout the week; the only changes I make are protein/carb sources. I eat a very high protein diet.

* Meal 1 – 1 cup eggwhites, 1/2 grapefruit, 150 gms potato

* Meal 2 – 200 gms chicken, 200 gms brussel sprouts

* Meal 3 – 250 gms cod, 150 gms sweet potato,

* Meal 4 – 200 gms chicken, 200 gms green beans or broccoli

* Meal 5 – 3 scoops Beverly Muscle Provider

* Meal 6 – 150 gms chicken, 1/2 cup cottage cheese

Sample Week’s Worth Of Workouts

Monday – Back:

Usually consists of 3-4 exercises, 4 sets of 15 each

Tuesday – Chest:

Usually consists of 3-4 exercises, 4 sets of 15 each

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Legs:

Due to a knee injury I no longer do bb squats. I start each leg workout with 5 min on a treadmill and a couple sets of light leg extensions.

o Hack squats – 4 sets of 15, again due to a knee injury I go just short of parallel, I find this is much easier on my knee and I can still maintain my size.

o Leg Presses – 4 sets of 15

o Leg Extensions – 3-4 sets of 15

o Hams – SLDL’s – 4 sets of 15

o Alternate lying and seated leg curls – again 4 sets of 15. I occasionally give my hams their own day, especially if I’m pressed for time. I also do a lot of uni-lateral work.

Friday – Shoulders

Saturday – Off

As you can see I don’t work my arms. I did when I first got started but now with doing intense back/chest workouts, I find I do not need to give arms their own workout anymore. I guess you could call that lucky. The sets/rep combo seems to work the best for me and I’ve had the most success with it. I occasionally do cardio but for the most part, when prepping for a contest I let my diet do all the work.

Suggestions For Others

I think the first suggestion would be to not overload yourself. Like I tell other people, too much too soon can cause burnout which could keep you from realizing your fitness and health goals.

Take baby steps and before long you’ll be taking giant strides.

Keep a workout and food journal. Although it takes a little discipline initially to keep up with it, I think most will find it very beneficial in meeting their goals.

Lastly, never, never give up! Never.

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