Weight Loss Success Story: Tania Put Herself First And Trimmed Down 65 Pounds

Name: Tania Green

Height: 5 feet, 3 inches

Before Weight: 190 pounds

How I Gained It: I was always a little chubby as a child. I grew up in a typical middle-class family. My family is originally fromJamaica, but for the most part, I grew up culturally American. I ate fast food on the weekends and home-cooked meals during the week. Although my mother did instill in me an appreciation for home-cooked meals, my portion sizes were always out of control.

After I left home and went to college I began to lose weight. I became very involved in sports, ate less fast food and kept my portions small. I lost 20 pounds and was finally in great shape. Unfortunately, after I graduated I quickly landed my first job and began to re-gain the weight that I lost in college — plus a whole lot more.

I was living by myself and clocking in long hours at the office. I wasn’t working out and was constantly stressed, so I ended up eating whatever fast food was around. Although I went grocery shopping all the time, I rarely had the chance to cook — I was always on the go. This “lifestyle” went on for a while until one day, I looked up and two years had passed. I was tired and depressed and my life was spinning out of control — I knew I needed a change. So I decided to go to graduate school.

Breaking Point: Not long after I quit my job and was preparing to go to school, I saw a reflection of myself in a mirror. For the first time in a long while, I stopped and took a long hard look at myself.

At that point, I really had a chance to see the result of what two years of putting myself last had done to my spirit and my body. I looked stressed out, overworked and overweight. Looking back, I realize I was on a fast track for health problems — high blood pressure and diabetes — which run in my family.

How I Lost It: I knew I needed to put myself first and take control of my health and well-being, so as I left for graduate school in California, I decided I was also on my way to start a new life; I wanted to find the me that was buried below a long list of “to do’s.” When I landed inLos Angeles, I could feel my body instantly beginning a healing process.

As I began to give myself permission to be first on my list, I realized my spirit and self-worth was shattered. I think I cried and laughed simultaneously for at least two months straight every day when I first got to LA.

I now know that I was doing this because I was spiritually and physically letting go of the stressful life that I had inNew Yorkand embracing the new “me-focused” life. I also realized that I had to let go of the mental weight before I could even face the physical weight.

I started taking walks in the morning before class — they were my time to mediate and to heal my body and mind. And since the LA weather is always perfect, I also began doing some other activities, too — biking, skiing, swimming, you name it, I did it. It was a blast! I became active for fun, not to lose weight, and now I enjoy going to the gym. Doing activities that I enjoyed also helped me let go of my “mental weight.”

Within a few months of arriving inCalifornia, I decided it was time to start focusing on weight loss. I often became impatient about the process; I wanted to lose all the weight now. My sister’s support helped me move past this point and changed how I approached the process of losing weight. She would always tell me, “it took you a long time to gain all this weight, so it will take you time to lose it.” This realization, however simple the logic, was critical to my success.

I never aimed to be skinny — rather, I just wanted to get healthy, so I decided to start learning about food. I eliminated simple carbs and focused on eating things like veggies, fish, chicken, salads, fruits and nuts. I also drank tons of water. I allowed myself one cheat meal on the weekend, and I never ate later than 8 p.m.

I did not pay attention to portion sizes or counting calories — eating healthy already cut so many calories from my regular diet. Slowly, the weight started coming off. I couldn’t see it at first though, it took a while to get rid of the mental fat image I had of myself.

It took me 18 months to earn my MBA in marketing, and I managed to shed 65 pounds before graduation. During my journey, I have found my true passion in life; I am currently pursuing a career as a health and wellness professional. I’ve traveled a long, winding and difficult road to get to this place in my life but it was so worth it.

After Weight: 125 pounds

Tania has maintained her weight loss for over seven years and now focuses her attention on helping others get healthy.

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Source:  : Thatfit