Sweet Success

Restricting sweets, exercising and having the “I can DO this!” attitude went a long way towards P31wit’s achievement of losing 35lbs.  She tells us about her dietary and physical fitness regimens, and advises people not to look for diets per se. It’s better to go instead for a lifestyle change that can be followed wholeheartedly and successfully for life.

1. What made you decide to lose weight this time?  I was getting ready for a friends wedding and we took a picture, I looked at myself after it was printed and I said “that’s it, I’m doing something about this”.  So the next day I figured out how many months I should go off of sweets (since sweets are my thing), I decided to restrict sweets for 6 months and I promised myself I would not weigh myself for that time either. At first it was pretty hard but the Lord helped me through all the cravings and having to firmly say “no”.

After the 6 months were up, I weighed in at 160 having lost 20lbs.  My Goal weight was 145 by May 4th, 2010 (a year from when I started this journey!) I have lost 35 lbs in a year and I took it slow and one day at a time!

I am now maintaining a healthy weight for my body, I have toned all areas of my body except my abs and that is my focus for right now.

2. What other “diets” (programs, products, plans, or services) had you tried in the past?  I did a program called First Place, which is a Christian diet program. Basically you just count calories and have devotional, this was sort of my inspiration for this “diet” that I did.  I say “diet” but truly I hoped that it was a new way of life.

3. What changes did you make to your usual diet, activity, lifestyle, and attitude?  I stopped eating sweets and drinking sodas. I started walking everyday except weekends and going to my local Curves (a women’s fitness place) three times a week. I think the most important change I have made is making myself get up in the mornings and walk.  I love to walk but I hate getting up early to do it, but once I have done it, it makes the rest of the day go better and gives me strength and energy for my other workout routines.

4. How did Calorie Count help you to lose weight?  Calorie Count helped me be accountable for what I put in my body and helps me to realize that there are more calories in some things than you realize and they add up fast!

5. What was most challenging about losing weight?  Not being able to eat exactly what I felt like eating, especially when I wanted it.

6. How long did it take you to see results?  Until Thanksgiving of 2009, my sister wanted me to be her model for her website and for the first time I really realized I looked skinny in the pictures.  I couldn’t believe how much weight I had lost!

7. When did you realize that you were a success?  When I put on a dress I wore when I was thirteen and it fit…WOW!

8. How do you prevent relapse?  I let myself have a cheat day on Saturday’s.  I eat whatever I want but in moderation, it helps curb the cravings for the next week and it has seemed to work for me.

9. How has your life changed now that you’ve lost weight?  I’m able to play volleyball a lot easier and I’m faster than I was, I have more energy and I no longer feel like an old woman, I feel like I’m the 21 year old that I really am!

10. What tips do you have for other dieters?

  • Exercise!
  • When you fall down, make a push up out of it, you’ll come out the
    better for it!
  • Have a buddy to do everything with, my sisters have been the ones
    I talk to about all of my troubles whether diet, life or anything else.
  • Record everything, you don’t realize how much you eat until you
    write it down!