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Weight Loss Success Stories: Toni Lost 96 Pounds With Weight Watchers

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Toni lost 96 pounds! See my before and after weight loss pictures, and read amazing weight loss success stories from real women and their best weight loss diet plans and programs. Motivation to lose weight with walking and inspiration from before and after weightloss pics and photos.> Former weight: 235 pounds

> Current weight: 144 pounds


> Pounds lost: 91

> Height: 5 feet 6 inches

> How long she’s kept it off: “I joined Weight Watchers on Jan. 18, 2007, and reached my goal (155 pounds) on Nov. 8, 2007,” says Coryell, who has lost another 10 pounds since November.

> Personal life: “I believe in this plan so much that I now work for Weight Watchers as a leader,” she says. Coryell lives in McDonough with her husband of 15 years, Glen, and two daughters, Ally and Madi.

> Turning point: After Christmas 2006, Coryell was looking through holiday pictures. “Honestly, I did not recognize myself —- that, along with a family history of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, made me decide I needed to do something about it now,” she says. “I made losing weight, along with quitting smoking after 20 years, my New Year’s resolution.”

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> Diet plan: Breakfast is yogurt, oatmeal or eggs with Canadian bacon. Lunch is either a turkey sandwich or grilled chicken on a salad. Dinner is usually chicken or fish with lots of veggies.

> Exercise routine: “I now run three miles four times a week,” she says. “I’ve also been in three 5K races.”

> Biggest challenge: “My biggest challenge has been the mental part of losing weight,” she says. “In my mind, sometimes I’m still the ‘before’ picture. That’s just going to take some time to adjust.”

> How life has changed: Coryell says her life has changed completely. “I never had any energy; now, I’m going all the time. I was battling depression and now it’s completely nonexistent. I’ve also been able to see my girls change their eating habits by watching me. They’ll now ask, ‘Mom, is this healthy?’ before eating anything. And if it’s not, they make a better choice —- that is priceless.”

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