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Male Weight Loss Success Story: Michael’s 75 Weight Loss Transformation

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> Former weight: 260 pounds

> Current weight: 185 pounds

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> Pounds lost: 75

> Height: 5 feet 7

> How long he’s kept it off: He started April 2007 and met his goal in March. He’s kept it off for four months.

> Personal life: Abu manages Ladies Workout Express in Acworth. He is also a personal trainer. Abu is divorced and has three children. He lives inWoodstock.

> Turning point: “My turning point came when I saw a DVD of me in a training class … and decided that this was not going to be me,” says Abu. “I have a background of managing health clubs and I have trained seriously in the past; I guess I let myself go, like most of us.”

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> Diet plan: “My diet is mostly low carb,” he says. “This type of diet works the fastest and allows me to eat more calories. It also supports the fat-burning process better. I eat several smaller meals during the day instead of the standard three.” He starts the day with scrambled eggs and egg whites along with whole-wheat bread and a protein drink. Lunch and dinner are usually chicken or fish and a salad. And if he’s hungry between meals, he snacks on nuts.

> Exercise routine: “I work out five days a week, combining cardio for fat-burning and weight training for toning and strength,” he says. “I try to do the major part of my workouts in the morning, before consuming any breakfast. This way I use stored calories for energy.”

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> Biggest challenge: “I never miss my workouts, and the longer I keep at it, the easier it gets,” he says.

> How life has changed: “I used to have very high blood pressure and other health issues and I have none now,” he says. “I feel that I am the one who has the control over my health.”

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