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Stacey has made an amazing transformation and now maintains a healthy 120 lbs!

Stacey started Weight Watchers at 14 and has been on a roller coaster ride since then. Now, after meeting many motivational people and studying about training she has made an amazing transformation and now maintains a healthy 120 lbs! 

Vital Stats

Name: Stacey Steele

Email: stacey@staceysteele.com

Bodyspace: StaceySteele


Weight: 160 lbs.

Body Fat: 35%


Weight: 120 lbs.

Body Fat: 15-18%

Why I Got Started

My name is Stacey and I have been all over the map with my weight since I was young. I started Weight Watchers at 14 (size 14, age 14) with my mother. I’ve struggled with diet and exercise for years and eventually decided to dedicate my life to fitness after seeing the mental and physical toll it took on members of my family. We have a family history of obesity, heart disease, kidney failure, diabetes, high blood pressure… you get the idea.

After many different “fad” diets and struggling with Bulemia (Exlax, diet pills, diuretics, fat burners and any combo of the aforementioned quick fixes) in the last several years, I have FINALLY lost about 50 lbs of fat and gained about 15 lbs of muscle – the right way. (from 160 35% bf – down to an unhealthy 110 with no muscle and back to a solid 123 18% bf…).

How I Did It

I started studying weight training and nutrition on my own and decided to get certified so that not only could I help myself, but others as well. Having an understanding of where my clients are coming from helps me teach from a whole different perspective. It also really helps them to know that I used to be unhealthy and I really do understand the struggles of their daily routines. I truly love being and feeling healthy and I love my ability to teach others how to do the same.

Last summer, I was having some major health issues. Doctors thought I had Ovarian cancer – thank god I did (and do) not! Laying in the hospital bed, I decided again to focus more on health and fitness. Unfortunately, however, I was unable to workout or even train my clients for a few months.

Then it happened; I saw an ad on www.onemodelplace.com to help FAME/WNSO inHollywood,FLwith a vending booth at an upcoming fitness competition. Who knew this would be the start of my career as a fitness model?!!

FAME needed someone to help man their table at the show. I got the job. While there, Shannon Lucier, the event coordinator, asked me to also help backstage. Imagine that! There I was, an out of shape, out of work trainer who had never even attended a fitness show. Now I got to help run one! How cool.

I met many wonderful athletes and got the inspiration I needed to get my butt in gear. I thank Julie, Maggie and Sylvia and a few other awesome athletes for suggesting over and over again that I should compete!

This year, I finally decided to compete with FAME after working with so many of these motivational people and seeing firsthand what some of the other competitors had been through. I realize now that anyone can compete that has a strong will, determination and is willing to commit to lots of hard work.

My first contest was a practice show inFt.Lauderdaleon March 10th, 2007. I then went on to place eighth in my class at another recent show for fitness and bikini modeling. I still have a lot of work to do, but I just keep on moving in the right direction. I thank many people and organizations, such as FAME for inspiring me – I plan to continue competing and teaching fitness for many years!

I have some “before” photos and some more recent progress photos that you can look at on my site. Hopefully I can continue to inspire others with my story!

After many years of struggling, trial & error, and learning, I am now between 120-128 lbs and about 15-18% bf and still going strong – this is a work in progress people!

Sample Diet

I usually rearrange my meals and workouts to how I feel that day, but it goes something like this:

* 6:30 Go for a run with my boy Mylo!

* 7:30 one hard boiled egg

* 1/2 grapefruit

* cup of tea or coffee

* Vitamin C

* calcium

* fat burners when in training

* multivitamin

* 9:00-10:00 Teach weight training class

* 10:15 Mass gainers

or meal replacement shakes

* * Other job

* 2:00 Salad with grilled chicken

* dressing

* sliced almonds

* Nap

* Back to work

* 5:00 bar or can of tuna

* kidney beans

* olive oil

* balsamic

* spices

* 6:00 – 7:00 Teach class

* 8:00 protein shake

or salad with crab meat/sirloin/grilled chicken

Now, this is just a sample day, but when I’m craving something, I have it. For example, if I want junk food, I’ll have a piece of cake – which usually turns into a quarter of a cake… a bunch of chocolate chip cookies or a big bowl of ice cream (c’mon, we all cheat sometimes!), but then it’s right back to the plan. I always change my diet and exercise plan so I don’t get bored.


My workout schedule is interesting. I teach a lot of classes throughout the week, but in addition, my weight training plan looks like this:















Light Chest

Now, I weight train for about 30-45 minutes and my cardio is about 20-30 minutes. That does not include the one hour classes that I teach. Whew! I’m exhausted just reading this.

Next, I get online to work on my modeling career, sending pictures to EVERY magazine and website I can get my hands on… neglecting my friends and television (I very rarely watch TV these days). Then it’s network, network, network!

Speaking of pics, you can see them on many different sites:

* www.staceysteele.com

* www.bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/staceysteele

* www.myspace.com/webs362434

* www.myfamestage.com/staceysteele

* and much more!

Suggestions To Others

If you want more suggestions on diet, exercise or motivation, you can email me personally at stacey@staceysteele.com. Thank you for this awesome opportunity. I know just how difficult change can be, but one step at a time! Don’t try to do this all at once or you set yourself up for failure. I wish you lots of luck and success in your journey – believe in yourself and the rest will follow!

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