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She’s An Inspiration to Her Whole Neighborhood

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Read her success story! Before and after fitness success motivation from women who hit their weight loss goals and got THAT BODY with training and meal prep. Learn their workout tips get inspiration! | TheWeighWeWere.comCutting back her portions and daily walks helped Stacy fit back into her “skinny” clothes

Before 213 lbs.

After 158 lbs.

Vitals Stacy, Los Angeles, CA

Occupation Medical Biller

Height 5 ft. 10 in.

Began Weight-Loss Program 1/1/09

Time at Current Weight 2 months

The Gain

I was always in pretty decent shape without doing too much exercise or watching what I ate. But when I reached my 30s, it seemed like my metabolism just quit altogether and I gained about 50 pounds in a single year!

The Change

It felt like every week there were more and more things in my closet that wouldn’t fit. I recognized that I was having to buy larger and larger sizes and that really bothered me, but not enough to where I wanted to do anything about it. I never got rid of any of my old “skinny” clothes, though, as I always told myself, ‘One day, I’ll wear that again.’ What really motivated me to get in shape was the fact that I was going to be in my brother’s wedding. I wanted to look good for that—well, that and the fact that I ordered my dress online and when I received it and tried it on, I couldn’t even get it over my knees!

 The Lifestyle

I started measuring everything I ate and cut my daily caloric intake to 1,400. I have always been a really healthy eater—lots of fruits, veggies and soy proteins (I’m a vegetarian), so it wasn’t what I was eating, but how much. My portions became a lot smaller and I stopped eating two hours before my bedtime. I also bought myself a little elliptical machine which I use four to five times a week and take an hour-long early morning walk with my doggie everyday. Now that I have lost most of the weight that I wanted to get rid of, I have enlisted the help of a personal trainer to get my muscles in shape and more defined.

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The Key to Success

I keep a food diary and have kept up the exercise, pretty much because I really enjoy doing it. As far as the exercise part of it goes, it has to be something you like doing and not just something you are forced to do (that simply does not work).

Derailers and Strategies

I haven’t felt anything trying to pull me away from continued success. I love the way I look (even though I am still working at looking better), which is motivation in itself. But, to be honest, my trainer keeps me motivated by checking up on me and monitoring just about everything I do. Even if you don’t see any results, stay motivated. It takes three months for any real changes to be seen, but after that it really will just melt off. I remember in just one week, none of my regular clothes fit anymore and I had to start digging into the back of my closet for my old stuff. Thank goodness I still had that!

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When I Slip…

I don’t worry about them. I still go out to eat maybe twice a week. And while I don’t overindulge, I try not to cut too many things out because then it just feels too much like work. If I deprive myself, then I might explode and really overdo it!

When I Soar…

I have become the motivation of my neighborhood. People around me tell me that they have noticed such dramatic results in me that they want that too and have now started an exercise regime and healthier eating, all the while asking me how I got the results that I did. I have dropped 6 pants sizes to-date and everyone notices. That is really the best feeling, to me, when people you haven’t seen in a while do a double-take and say, “Wow! You really look great!”

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