Senior Loses Excess Weight

Last year I was 65 and totally depressed. After being heavy most of my life, I had to have knee replacement surgery on both knees. I healed easily after the surgeries but continued to gain weight. Finally, I decided not to let the last years of my life be miserable and I started slowly at first, to exercise and keep a journal of what I ate. I found that the key for me was not to eat between meals and discipline myself to control my portions. I also instigated a “3 bite rule” for rich foods or desserts which allowed me to taste whatever I wanted to satisfy my curiousity of wanting to taste. To my surprise the weight just fell off even at my age. I was losing approximately 3 lbs each week eating 1200 calories a day. I lost 96 lbs in one year and have lost 108 lbs to date. I know I will continue to lose. Currently, I am working on maintaining my weight so I can continue enjoy the health I have earned. This is important because I want to focus on becoming healthy and staying healthy not letting myself lapse into the thinking that this a diet that will end. I don’t want to resume my old eating habits. In a few months I will work to lose another 30 lbs. I used to take medication for diabetes and high blood pressure. Now I take absolutely nothing and my numbers are all normal. I can move and do anything I want. I currently try to hit the gym 3 times a week and take a Tai chi class afterwards. I also have a treadmill at home which I actually USE. I now wear clothes from the MIsses department. NO more plus sizes for me. I wanted to share my story so seniors can know they are never too old to lose weight.


Source: iReports