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Restored Health in 2012 – I’m going to make the REST of my life, the BEST of my life!!!

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Read her success story! Before and after fitness success motivation from women who hit their weight loss goals and got THAT BODY with training and meal prep. Learn their workout tips get inspiration! | TheWeighWeWere.comWhere to start? I guess I should start with where I first began to be overweight. So that would be at age 5, yes at age 5…. In kindergarten I was always the biggest kid in the class – I was taller and thicker than all the girls and BOYS, but it didn’t bother me until about age 12. At age 12 I started liking boys and started noticing that most boys liked the skinny (or in my eyes –PRETTY) girls. Although I still didn’t do anything about it. You know, I don’t even think I knew HOW to do anything about it. I was ashamed of it and DIDN’T want to talk about it. I come from a family who’s mostly overweight and they didn’t really ever diet or talk about dieting. We’ve always been a pretty active family – I was always outdoors playing from as young as I can remember and still to this day! I LOVE the outdoors, so do my parents, my kids and my husband! But….I grew up in a family that LOVES food and LOTS of it. So needless to say I love food and lots of it and that’s been my biggest weight problem. At age 16, (my sophomore year of high school) I decided to start playing sports. I really liked volleyball and basketball. So that’s what I did, all summer long my friends and I would go down to the school and play basketball – pretty much every day both summers (summer after sophomore and junior year)! By age 18, (my senior year) I was FINALLY – for the FIRST time in my life – at a healthy weight for my height!!!!! I’m 5’8” by the way, so pretty tall for a girl! At age 16 I weighed about 215 and by 18 I was down to 160 – I lost about 55 pounds – I felt GREAT and for the first time SKINNY!!! But…..like most people after graduating I was working, less active and eating a lot of fast food. So therefore I started gaining weight back. Around age 20, I became what they call a yo-yo dieter. I tried Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach Diet, Calorie Counting and of course the GYM – I didn’t do them all at the same time of course!! And yes I lost weight with each DIET but I could only stick with them for about a month or so and then I would give up, because they were too HARD for ME to stick to. And the same thing happened each time I stopped the diet, can you guess? Yep, I gained all the weight back PLUS some – EVERY TIME!!!!!! At age 22, I got engaged and knew I had to lose weight. I was weighing about 215 or so AGAIN and decided to take a very unhealthy approach to losing weight (which I’m not going to share) and DID! On my wedding day I was 198 pounds – yay under 200 AGAIN!! But then I was married, happy and wasn’t watching or worrying about my weight AGAIN. At age 25, I got pregnant with my daughter and at my first prenatal appointment I weighed in at 212. Then 2 days before giving birth to her I weighed 274 pounds – That’s right I gained 62 pounds in 9 months of pregnancy! After she was born I worked on my weight AGAIN. I got down to 208 about 1 year after she was born. THEN…..at age 27 I got pregnant with my son. At my first prenatal appointment with him I weighed in at 218. During my pregnancy with him I ONLY gained 35 pounds – I felt GREAT about that!!! I didn’t really work on my weight after having him, but I did get into running. When my son was 4 months old I ran a 10K race with my dad!!! It took me an hour and 15 minutes to finish but I DID it and DID it without stopping!!!! I continued running 2-3 times a week until he was about 1 and ½ years old (almost 29 for me). But guess what???? I didn’t lose any weight and in October I stopped running and was not happy with my weight, looks or how I felt at all. In December 2011 I saw a friends picture on Facebook . She had lost a lot of weight and LOOKED AMAZING!! I asked her what she had done and she told me “Medifast”. So that night I looked it up and signed myself up. I got my food about mid December, but didn’t want to start until Jan. 1st 2012 – I wanted to enjoy ALL the unhealthy FOOD during the holidays!! Four days before my start date a friend of my sister’s called me (my health coach now) and asked me if I had heard of “Take Shape for Life”? I hadn’t and so she explained it to me. They use the same food (Medifast) as my friend used “as a tool” to get you to your healthy/goal weight and then the program really begins!!! You get a health coach for LIFE – they are your support, your go to with any questions or concerns, your cheer leader and they’re there every step of the way!! They help you to transition off of the program, they help you to maintain your new healthy weight and keep it off for life, they teach you the habits of health, to identify what triggers you to gain weight or eat unhealthy food and how to deal with it when it happens and I could go on and on but I won’t!! So of course I asked “How much more does it cost me to get all this extra help and support?” and to my surprise she says “Nothing more, actually you end of saving a little money”! Well I like a GREAT deal and so I said “Sign me up”!!!!! It has LITERALLY changed my life in EVERY WAY!!!! My goal on January 1st, 2012 was to lose 20 pounds. I was at my all time highest weight (not being pregnant) of 237 pounds. After day 1 I didn’t feel bloated anymore, and after day 4 I was FULL of energy, motivation and just felt so INCREDIBLY happy!!!!! After 1 week on program I was down 12 pounds and had very little hunger. After 1 month on program (notice I’m not saying diet) I was down 27 pounds, feeling AMAZING and was on to my next goal of weighing less than 200 pounds! After the 2nd month I hit that goal – I was down 40 pounds!!!! It’s so easy and you feel so great that I continued to make my next goal – of getting to a healthy weight of 150!!!! On July 28th, 2012 I got on the scale and it said 149.6 pounds!!!!!!!!!! I hit my goal – actually under my goal!!!!!! I was so HAPPY I couldn’t even contain myself. I called my mom, sister, best friends and of course got on Facebook and told the rest of the WORLD!!!!!!! During the transition part of the program I lost another 3.5 pounds and got to the lowest weight I’ve ever been at in all of my adult life and I’m still HERE!!!!!!! But, the best part of it all is that I have NO FEAR of gaining any of the weight back!! You know why? Because I KNOW the habits of health, I KNOW how to maintain my weight, I KNOW how many calories to eat to maintain my healthy weight, I KNOW what triggers me to eat more and unhealthy food and how to overcome it – ALL THANKS TO THIS AMAZING, LIFE CHANGING PROGRAM!!!!! I’m a health coach now for this AMAZING program because I KNOW it works for everyone, I wanted to inspire others to not give up on themselves, I have friends and family that need to get healthy and THRIVE in life like I am now doing, I don’t want my kids to grow up thinking that being overweight is normal and I LOVE being a health coach and helping others to get to their healthy weight!!!!!! I currently have helped 6 family members on this program, 17 close friends and 26 others. Some have reached their healthy weight and are now maintaining it, some are very close, some quit before reaching their healthy weight and some are still on their journey!! Us that have reached our healthy weight are all doing GREAT, feeling AMAZING, THRIVING in life and LOOKING GREAT TOO!!!!!!! In my family (7 of us) together we have lost 314 pounds!!!!!! If I could make everyone I know who’s struggling with weight do this program I would, but the truth is; they have to be READY and WILLING!!!!! This program WORKS and it works for everyone no matter their age, amount of weight they have to lose, man or woman, or anything else. I’m SO excited for what the future holds for me now!!!!!! My HOPE was restored in 2012!!!

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