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These women got with Prevention’s exercise and eating program and saw amazing results–you can, too!

Lose 20+ Pounds

Gauri Chawla New York City 33 years old

Body Type: Overweight (need to lose 20+)

Why She Signed Up “I’ve been feeling sad and fed up with my yo-yo weight. Right now I’m carrying an extra 20 pounds that makes me feel sluggish, and I worry that unless I get a handle on it, I’ll run into problems with heart disease and diabetes–both of which run in my family–down the road.”

Biggest Obstacle When Gauri began the fitness program, she was lethargic, and she found it hard to exercise because the extra weight made her body ache.

What she came to realize is that she doesn’t have to kill herself for exercise to be effective. “Now I enjoy walking on the treadmill and even taking exercise classes like Spinning. I just keep a decent pace without beating myself up. The weight is coming off more slowly than I’d like, but it’s steady and I know I can stick with it to meet my goals.”


Source: Prevention

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