Weight Loss Success Stories: I Lost 1 Pound And Reshaped By Body

These women got with Prevention’s exercise and eating program and saw amazing results–you can, too!

Firm Up, Too! Roseanne Stanzione New York, NY 45 years old Lost 1 pound; 7 inches from her waist, hips, and legs; 6.6% body fat

Body Type:NormalWeight But Flabby

Why She Signed Up “After spending most of my life the same size and not worrying about my weight, suddenly I was beginning to jiggle! The ‘girly’ clothes I love to wear no longer fit. And though my weight didn’t change all that much, I went from a 4/6 pants to an 8/10. It was time to take some action!”

Thanks to the fitnessprogram, Roseanne got exactly what she was looking for. Though she only lost 1 pound, she completely firmed up, replacing bulgy fat with lean muscle tissue for a toned, shapely appearance.

Biggest Obstacle “I love food! Good food, like lobster with butter, chocolate cake, and good cheese.”

Food Tips Obviously, Roseanne needed to keep her portions in check. But she also needed exercise–something she hadn’t done much of in recent years. She followed the Firm Up Body Shape Plan for head-to-toe toning.


Source: Prevention