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Read on to learn how Jennifer O’ Conner lost 115 lbs and began competing…

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Read her success story! Before and after fitness success motivation from women who hit their weight loss goals and got THAT BODY with training and meal prep. Learn their workout tips get inspiration! | TheWeighWeWere.comThe stresses of college left Jennifer eating for comfort and gaining weight. But after her boyfriend decided to become a bodybuilder, Jennifer gained the motivation she needed to hit the gym. Read on to learn how she lost 115 lbs and began competing… 

Vital Stats

Name: Jennifer O’ Conner

Email: jenniferfigure@yahoo.com


Weight: 230 lbs

Waist: 44″


Weight: 115 lbs

Body Fat: 12%

Waist: 26″

Why I Got Started

I wasn’t always overweight but in high school my weight slowly crept up. By the time I graduated from high school in 2004 I weighed about 180 pounds.

Then the stress that college brought with it left me depressed and eating for comfort. In May 2006 I topped the scale at 230 lbs. I barely had energy to get out of bed, and was out of breath just from walking to my classes.

Then my boyfriend who had always wanted to be a bodybuilder decided to get into shape and possibly compete. This was what first pushed me to change my body.

I did not want to be the fat girlfriend; if he was going to be rock hard, so was I! I began by just doing cardio, and by February 2007 I was down to about 180 lbs again, and then I found figure.

I remember seeing a picture of IFBB figure pro Jelena Abbou and thinking “wow, I want to look like that!” This was my new motivation, to be a figure competitor. And with my boyfriend training me I stepped on stage for the first time in November 2007 at 115 lbs and 12% body fat.

How I Did It

I started by just doing cardio. And trust me, a 230 lbs girl can’t do a whole lot! Most days I just went for a walk. Eventually I began going the gym on my college campus, usually using the elliptical. I also began to keep track of what I was eating more closely.

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I ate protein with every meal, and separated my carbs and fats. In February 2007 is when I got more serious about my training.

I began to use the weight machines and was dedicated to doing an hour of cardio before breakfast each morning. This wasn’t easy while I was still in college. I gave up a lot of late night parties to get sleep and be at the gym by 6am.

And I lived in student housing, so if my car got blocked in (which it usually did) I had to walk the ½ mile to the gym, in upstate New York, in the middle of the winter, but I still did it because the results I was seeing were totally worth it.

Then in April, with my boyfriend guiding and supporting me I began lifting heavier, using free weights and the programs that he wrote for me. I lifted 5 days a week, and did cardio 6 days.

It became apparent fairly quickly that I had great genetics to put on muscle and lose fat, so the figure competitor inside me was born.

I tightened up my diet and began training like a figure competitor does; some days doing as much as two hours of cardio, and the fat began to melt off. By August I knew it was time to start my final prep to compete, and by November I was on stage!


I love biotest’s products; everything I have used from them has worked extremely well. The only supplement I used in the beginning was Fahrenheit.

Now while cutting I use Hot Rox Extreme, BCAA’s, Biotest’s Se7en, and ZMA. I also like to drink a spike shooter sometimes before I work out; it really gives me an energy boost! I have also used storm and shock therapy from Universal Nutrition and really liked them.


Now that I compete, my diet is very strict when I am in season. I carb cycle; 2 days a week are low carb, 4 days a week with moderate carbs, and one high carb day.

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Here is an example of a moderate carb day:

Meal 1:

o 1/2 cup oats

o 4 egg whites

Meal 2:

o 1 scoop whey

Meal 3:

o Chicken/fish/shrimp/turkey

o Salad

Meal 4:

o 1 scoop whey

o 1 tbsp natural peanut butter

o 1/2 cup oats

Meal 5:

o 6 oz lean meat

o Veggies

Meal 6:

o 3 oz lean meat

o Salad

Meal 7:

o 1 scoop whey

I end up eating about every 2-3 hours. In the off season I also add in fruits, dairy, and a wider variety of carbs, as well as increase my calories.


All of my training programs come from my fantastic trainer Chris Wilson (ChrisWilsonfit@yahoo.com). I also do cardio for 1 hour a day, 5 days a week and HIIT one day a week.

Moday: Arms & Abs

o Preacher Curl: 2×12, 2×10

o Lying Cable Curl: 4×12

o Cable Curl: 3×12

o Skull Crushers: 2×12, 2×10

o Overhead Dumbbell Extension: 3×10

o Rope Pushdowns: 4×12

Tuesday: Legs

o Leg Press: 4×10

o Reverse Lunge: 4×12

o Barbell Squat: 4×10

o Glute Kickback: 3×12

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Delts & Abs

o Smith Machine Military Press: 1×12, 2×10, 2×8

o Seated Lateral Raise: 4×12

o Rear Delt Fly: 4×12

o Upright Barbell Rows: 3×10

o Dumbbell Shrugs: 4×15

Friday: Back

o Pull Ups: 4×10

o Bent Over Barbell Rows: 3×12

o Seated Cable Rows: 4×12

o Lat Pulldowns: 3×12

Saturday: Chest & Abs

o Bench Press: 4×12

o Smith Machine Incline Bench: 3×10

o Decline Flyes: 4×12

o Pec Dec: 3×15

Suggestions For Others

Don’t deprive yourself. Take that cheat meal once a week, fill up on veggies until you’re full, and find a type of exercise that you enjoy.

Not missing your old life will enable you to create a new one. One with health choices and a fabulous new body! Also remember why you are doing this, everything is easier when you can envision your goal.

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