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Poppit Fruit & Veggie Saver – the Expandable Topper

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KC_107-Poppit-Fruit-&-Veggie-SaverHey, do you know what the colorful Poppit does?

It stretches to fit any cut fruit or vegetable, locking tight to keep any trace of air out.

This baby keeps your uncooked fruit and veggie halves looking fresh like they have just been cut.

Ziplock bags are not necessary anymore as this fun silicone device with expandable rings will protect your leftovers in a great way.

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This versatile item fits perfectly around any single fruit or veg half thanks to the flexible material and its concentric layers that provide a super-tight seal.

Chop away and don’t worry if you still have some left.

The Poppit is ready to help.

Just thinking…can you imagine how suitable this would be for vegans or raw vegans who eat lots of fruits and vegetables?

There you go, I just gave you a great gift tip.

You’re welcome!

Found On Amazon: Quirky Poppit

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