PERMANENT Weight Loss Without Dieting!

In 1999 I joined Weigh Down Workshop & left behind a 20-yr bondage to food;diets;over-exercise;laxative abuse;fat gm, carb, points & calorie counting-all failures! When I joined the faith-based Weigh Down study, I changed my focus from food & diets to a focus on God. The result of this new focus: 86-1/2# loss w/no “have-to” exercise or “diet” foods;No more over-full stomach aches;gallbladder attacks;aching, popping knees. I have increased energy;No more food-focus;No more nutritional label obsessions;Family of six with peaceful mealtimes;Increased joy and contentment in all areas of life! PERMANENT freedom from weight/food focus & control. The beautiful change is that I go to God for everything-every bite, thought, & moment-& I love it!

Source: iReports