Weight Loss Success Stories: I Lost 30 Pounds With The Paleo Diet

This is my real story of losing weight and getting back my life. There was a time when i almost stopped socialising and instead confined myself to the bare minimum people in my life. Home to work and back home, that was it.

I got used to this way of living life. Only my last birthday i realised how my life was changing from bad to worse. I had no friends to celebrate my day with. I was devastated and felt like crying.

While browsing the internet I came across the term – paleo diet. I had no idea what it was all about, but it all made sense. I mean, it’s an old saying that we are what we eat.

The food the caveman ate kept it healthly, full of energy and moreover athletic. He wasn’t fat. I resolved to follow the diet and ordered the Paleo Diet Cookbook.

After almost 6 months, I think I’ve got my life back. Paleo Diet Rocks! I’ve lost 30lbs. I couldn’t have ever belived that to be possible.

My only advice is that don’t waste time. Go paleo. It is the best gift you can give to yourself.

To your life!

Source: ireport.cnn