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new year, new me

My name is Stephanie. I am a 35yr old mother of a beautiful 16yr old daughter and wife of a wonderful man. I’ve had trouble with my weight most of my life. I’ve been slightly overweight mostly but I’ve never had the body I’ve wanted. In 2010, I married for the first time, then weighing about 135lbs. I became a fulltime housewife and mother and that was my job for many years. As you can see in my photos, by summer of 2011, I had ballooned to my heaviest. I stopped weighing myself at 210lbs but that summer, that was “at least” how much I weighed. I wanted so badly to lose weight but I still carried on until the end of 2011 packing on the pounds. I had many aha moments, including being diagnosed prediabetic. I think the most eye opening aha moment came while getting ready for our 2011 Christmas dinner gathering. My size 15 pant no longer fit. I was crushed and instantly deeply depressed. I didn’t want to leave house and I certainly didn’t want to eat anything, for a really long time. I decided then that 2012 was going to be the year I lost “heavy Stephy” and find my “inner thinner winner”. I had watched plenty of television shows on how to help you lose weight. It was time I incorporated some of those tips into my daily life. So I made small changes in the beginning. The usual clichés of portion control, adding more water to my diet and adding some exercise to my daily plan. I got a part time job and that really increased my daily activity. In March 2012, I weighed 180lbs and by that July, 170lbs. I weighed myself this month (January 2013) and I’m at 153. I’m 13lbs away from my goal weight of 140. I can’t believe I’ve managed to lose 57lbs. I’ve seemed to have stalled a little lately on losing weight. I maybe just need a change in my current plan. This new year and this new me gives me a feeling of excitement because not only do I feel better about myself, I feel better in my relationship with my husband. I know he loves me unconditionally. He told me he loved me no matter what or weight and that has proven to be true. I no longer feel embarrassed or feel I’m embarrassing my daughter when in public or at school functions. Appearance has always meant a lot to me and I passed that down to her. I can’t wait to go shopping with her. I’m replacing my wardrobe with outfits I’m piecing together from internet sites. I was overweight for so long, I lost touch with my fashion sense. It’s like I’m retraining myself on how to be “in” with the latest fashion.
This year, I allowed myself 2 resolutions… to stop smoking and have a bikini ready body by summer. I’m confident I can make it. I just have to hunker down and find a plan that will work for me.
I wanted to share my experience with the battle of the bulge. I never thought I would be considered obese, but there was a period of time that that’s just what I was. I do believe that a little will go a long way. For me, that simply meant to stop eating when I was full, make smaller plated meals, no boredom eating, a little exercise. As you can see from 2011, it doesn’t look like I missed any meals. My most recent photo is of my daughter and myself (that’s me on the right) and as you can see, my plan is working. It’s a new year, new me….


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