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Read her success story! Before and after fitness success motivation from women who hit their weight loss goals and got THAT BODY with training and meal prep. Learn their workout tips get inspiration! | TheWeighWeWere.comi know i didnt have a huge weight loss but it was still a long road for me. im extremely proud of how much ive lost, and how much muscle and tone ive gained – although i know i still looked okay in my before photo, i know how much work has been done on the inside and thats what im proud of. it was a big lifestyle change for me, i went from eating fast food for every meal and drinking 4-6 sodas a day, and exercise was definitely out of the question. ive lost almost 40 pounds altogether, i couldnt be more proud of myself for getting my butt in gear and finally buckling down! it took about a year and a half for me to drop the weight but i feel healthier than i ever have!

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