My Weight Loss Struggle

I was raise in a Hispanic household with a fixed income,which left me limited to my food intake. I am a single mom with 10yr. old son which of course leaves my time limited to much activity. I will admit I was pretty much an emotional eater.

That is of course til I hit a whopping 250 pounds!!! Which is when I started my weight loss struggle. I tried quiete a few times to no avail. When I reconnected with my ex(whom is my boyfriend again) and saw that he lost half of his body weight in the year that we parted ways, it dawned on me that if he can lose the extra weight he was carrying ,then so could I.

He told me that if I was committed and serious about losing the weight I wanted to lose that he would guide me, and so he did!! He brought me all the supplements that I needed to help me in my workout regimen & showed me how to commit and make it something that I looked forward to everyday ,as oppose to thinking of it as some type of punishment.

I started power walking in the park near the house near the water, also incorporating some cardio into my morning walk. As the days went on it became more of something I looked forward to,it became more of a stress reliever. I saw myself shredding pounds and felt so much healthier. A lot of the simple things that I felt were a task became second nature to me again.

I am now 175 pounds and still continue to work out as I haven’t met my weight lose goal yet. 6 days a week without fail and am doing workouts that would have never thought I would be able to do. Its a great feeling to be able to be active with my son!! At the same time its bonded me more to my boyfriend. I am forever grateful that he guided me to living healthier and I always look forward to our fall workout on the beach!! Its a beautiful thing.

I tell you , if I can do it!! Any one can!!! I am a prime example of that. Of course if I didn’t have the love and support from my family and friends, and of course my boyfriend…..I’d probably be heavier right now. Thing living longer & happier , instead of thinking this is a diet and workout task.

Once you start changing into a positive healthier thinker everything else is a cinch

Source: iReports