Weight Loss Success Stories: Nancie Lost 110 Pounds After MS Diagnosis

Before: “My MS Diagnosis Made Me Change My Life”

In 2005, Nancie Wise was 33, recently married, and weighed 240 pounds. One day she woke up and was blind in one eye. Her legs failed her. Her diagnosis: Multiple sclerosis. This shocking diagnosis gave her the push to stop ignoring her health and change her life.

Once her MS went into remission, Nancie did yoga and Pilates twice a week at her local YMCA and did low-impact cardio when she felt stronger. Three years later, she weight trains, runs, and does high-impact classes 5 to 6 days a week and has lost 110 pounds! Our readers were surprised at how different she looks from her “Before” photo and praise her work ethic and determination to be healthy.

Her advice: “You have to make exercise a habit and break a sweat to get results! I don’t believe in strict diets, so I eat everything in moderation. Knowing correct portion size is the key to success. I try to keep negative and judgmental people from bringing me down by having a smile on my face whenever I can. Losing weight is hard, but it can be done. Keep a positive outlook and you WILL achieve your goal!”

Source: fitnessmagazine