Weight Loss Success Stories: My Son Was My Inspiration For My Weight Loss

in 2004 my son was tragedically killed over a dvd player, he had just turned 18. my whole life i had struggled with my weight. after he passed i turned even more to food for comfort for my pain. i got up to a little over 200 pds, was put on medicine for high blood pressure and anxiety, depression. i was spiraling out of control. then after the trial was over i decided i had to get control of my body and my health back. i went to the ymca and joined for the first time in my life a gym! i just started off walking, i walked on the walking track everyday just as therapy i would talk out loud about my son and just what had happend. eventually i noticed i was. loosing weight. then i started using weights and machines but had no idea what i was doing. finally i joined my current gym white river club, i started using my trainer jemarh patterson bodybyjp.com. he has been working with me now for over a yr, and has help me totally change my physique. with hard work and his help i now am training to compete in figure competitions this yr. i now know that with dedication, hard work and most importantly “WILL POWER” anything is possible.


Source: iReports