My Fit by 40 Journey~

Hi, my name is Robin and this is my weightloss success story! My father recently passed on Nov 27, 2012, after a long and courageous battle with malignant melanoma cancer. My father was an avid runner and cyclist, he loved to compete in triathalons and biathalons. He finally retired from competing in his 70’s and retired to Belize with my amazing mom. Later in 2009, after returning to the states and undergoing numerous surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, he was diagnosed stage 4 terminal. The Dr. gave my dad 18 months to live. This never stopped my father, who at the age of 83 was still doing 500 situps daily and walking up to 5 miles, all with a bad leg where the melanoma had initially started. Well after 3 years, my dad had a terrible stroke and was eventually placed under 24hr care and bed rest. Me being at the heaviest I had ever been at 38, I decided to get off my butt and live a better life!! I wanted MORE from what I was getting out of my life. I didn’t feel healthy and I was miserable. I started running and living a healthy lifestlye in August 2012. As my dad lay on his death bed in late October, I completed my first 5K, placing 12th in my age group. My dad has inspired me to keep running, as I watched his health deteriate, I just knew I had to keep running, because I knew that if my dad could have got out of that chair, he would still be running too! My dad passed away a month after my race šŸ™

I have now lost 50 lbs and dropped from size 18 to a size 11/12. I’m still running, and currently preparing for the Relay for Life and my first ever 5K obstacle course in the spring. I’m so excited to continue my healthy and active lifetstlye. I hope that I can inspire others at my age to get off the couch and get more out of life!! I always thought I couldn’t run across the street, now I can run up to 4 miles just over 4 months later! I have overcame two very difficult challenges in my life, I quit smoking cold turkey AND I lost weight, I feel amazing, and although I still haven’t reached my end goal, I am on the right path! I will be FIT BY age 40 and YOU can too!! I CAN do anything now, and I will continue to challenge myself with my dads guiding hand on my shoulder!! Run free in the heavens now dad, I got the earth covered šŸ˜‰
RIP- Robin E. Smith, my beloved father!


Source: iReports