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My Atkins Weight Loss Journey & Taking Back Control Of My Life !!!

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Read her success story! Before and after fitness success motivation from women who hit their weight loss goals and got THAT BODY with training and meal prep. Learn their workout tips get inspiration! | TheWeighWeWere.comThis is the Long Story Short of my Weight Loss Journey & Taking Back Control of my Life Again Thanks to “The Atkins Program”  !!!

Pic’s ~ 1st  Start Jan 09′ ~ 2nd April 09′ ~ 3rd June 09 & 4th Nov 09

To Start I was in a Motorcycle Accident in August of 2004 leaving me with a year long Recovery including Nerve Damage to my Hands, Lower Back, Lower Legs & Feet.  My Life as I previously had known it had come to a screeching halt & would never be the same again.  No more working  long hours as a Veterinary Technician & no more walking 5 miles a day, 7 days a week !!!

By December of 2005 my condition seemed to be getting worse & after several thousand dollars of testing I was also diagnosed with Lupus.  I then became  like a lot of other Lupus Patients, started on a long “trial & error series”of different medications  to see which one’s do & do not give relief to my condition. Unfortunately one of the side effects of many of these med’s happens to be “weight gain” !!!

Before I knew what was happening I was 45/46 yrs of age, 5’4″ & weighing~in at a whopping 230 pounds. I spent the  entire year of  “2008” trying “Everything Under The Sun ” to loose weight but “The Atkins Program” & I only lost 18 pounds by the end of November.  The only other thing I had to show for it was Angina, 2 types of Inhalers 2x a day, along with my Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar Levels soaring through the roof !!!

I was soooo unhappy & talking to my current Dr was getting me no where but more Depressed  & being handed yet another script for yet another med !!!

Thankfully I had just changed Health Insurance Companies which made it possible for me to change to a New Dr. I quickly did some research on the Internet,  made a few phone calls & found a Dr with a Fresh New more Drug Free Approach to Lupus Treatment.  At my 1st visit in December 2008 she started weaning me off many of the med’s I was taking & recommend that I start “The Atkins Program” & we both thought that January 1st would be a GREAT time !!!

I went right out & bought a copy of Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution 2002 Book & was soooo glad that the Atkins.com & atkinsdietbulletinboard.com Web Site’s are also available for Information, Support & Friendship as it really helped to get me started/keep me going on a daily basis.  The Atkins Program is all Natural Whole Foods bought right from my Local Grocery Store that  my Family can enjoy along with me. There are no Crazy Foods or Recipe’s to follow. I could just start right away eating regular every day Meats, Chicken, Fish, Low Carb Veggies & Cheese. I was able to add on Fruits, Nuts, Grains & other Foods as I moved along the Phases !!!

Even with my very limited ability to exercise I started seeing inches and/or weight loss results right away during the 1st  two weeks of  “Phase 1/Induction”. “The Atkins Program” is by no means a Quick Weight Loss Program, however if you stick with it you will loose weight & inches over time.  By May of 2009 while on “Phase 2/OWL”I was able to stop taking my med’s for High Blood Pressure & Type II Diabetes. Iam now only using 1 Inhaler as needed & that is on very rare occasions.

My  Dr & I have been going back/forth on what my “Goal Weight”should be for some time now & I moved into “Pre~Maintenance”in August. She wants to keep it a bit higher than I due, due to my Immune System. In her  theory the higher weight on my BMI Scale will aid in helping to keep it stronger.

Iam very proud to say that from January 1st to September 2009 I have been able to go from a size 18/20 to a size 8/10 & that is beyond amazing to me.  Hopefully“Phase 4/ Maintenance” will not be too far away in my future !!!

I just want to say Thanks to “The Atkins Program”  & the improvements it has made to my overall Health.  Being able to take the weight off my joints has made it possible/easier  for me to be able to do more things with my Boyfriend of 5yrs, Son 25y/o & my Granddaughter 4.5y/o (in pic’s) & that means the world to me !!!


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