My 90 pound weight loss

I have always been a big girl and when I wasn’t getting pregnant, I vowed to lose weight in case that was the cause of me not having a family.

On January 1, 2010, I vowed to change my life and the way I live forever. Weighing in at 240 pounds and wearing size 20/24 in jeans, my goal was to only lose 50 pounds within a year and to start exercising so I could become healthier and start a family.

I really thought if I stopped drinking pop, cut out fried foods, and exercised I would drop the weight in no time. Well……….it was a bit harder than that. A friend of mine suggested I count calories. I have never done this before, so he suggested I use the website

This web site help me keep track of the food I ate and how many calories I was consuming. Ok, so I figured out the counting calories thing, but what about the exercise? Sure, I could join a gym and in a month stop going because I was bored, or I could start walking in the park, but when it’s cold out and the weather is bad I knew I would not follow-thru.

Hmmmmm, none of these sounded fun or even reasonable to me. And if it’s not fun I won’t do it. At lunch one day, my neighbor saw an ad in the paper for Jazzercise. I heard of Jazzercise before, but thought it was for old people who did mostly stretches. NOT for me!!!!!!

But since they were offering classes close to my house and I had a friend to go with, I said why not. If I didn’t like it I could always quit, right? Well…… its now one year in a half yeara later and I still attend Jazzercise on a regular basis.

I attend three to four times a week and I love it. It’s one of the best cardio exercises out there. And even if you don’t have a friend to attend with you, everyone there will eventual become your friend, if not your family. The members are so supportive and group classes are the only way for me to exercise.

I have learned to love exercising so much that I joined the YMCA. I thought about joining a gym, but I like how the YMCA has free adult group classes, and as I learned through Jazzercise, I can’t workout alone.

I still don’t have the family, as things in my life have changed, but there is one thing I am proud of—along with counting calories and Jazzercise, I have managed to lose 90 pounds in one year and wear size 10 in jeans.

I am still working out at the YMCA and Jazzercise and I still watch what I eat mostly to maintain—that’s the hardest part. I do truly believe if I hadn’t found Jazzercise that I would still be overweight with health issues, such as diabetes.

Thank you to my new jazzercise family.

Source: iReports