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How I Lost 105 Pounds: Mike Drops 105 Pounds And Becomes A Personal Trainer

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• Former weight: 285 pounds

• Current weight: 180 pounds

• Pounds lost: 105

• Height: 6 feet 2 inches

• How long he’s kept it off: “I have kept the weight off for five years now,” says Whitfield. He met his goal in June 2007.

• Personal life: Whitfield is a personal trainer at Freedom Fitness in Acworth. His Web site is www.reflectionsfitness.com. He lives in Acworth with his wife, Sabrina, and their three furry children: a dog and two cats.

• Turning point: “I was playing my PlayStation and I dropped my controller. When I went down to pick it up, I didn’t see my feet and found out what a desk job and junk food can do to a belly,” Whitfield says. “The five slices of pizza and ice cream every night didn’t help either. I was fed up. I jumped on a fitness kick and never looked back.”

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• Diet plan: “Breakfast is either oatmeal or high-fiber cereal with low-fat milk and protein powder. For midmorning, I usually have a handful of almonds,” he says. “Lunch is chicken breast on a bed of greens with some low-fat dressing. Afternoon snack is a protein bar. Dinner is a chicken breast or baked fish with some green beans and brown rice. My dessert is typically a cinnamon rice cake with fat-free Cool Whip or a small apple.”

• Exercise routine: Whitfield does strength training three to five days a week and cardio four to six days a week.

• Biggest challenge: “The carbs during football season,” he says. “When I’m watching football, I could put away a bag of chips by the second quarter. I fixed that problem by getting some wasabi peas. Those things are hot, so you are forced to pace yourself, and they fill you up because they contain fiber and protein.”

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• How life has changed: “I’m really happy right now,” he says. “When someone sees my old pictures and says, ‘That’s not you,’ I totally agree. That was someone else and I am a new person now. I changed my eating habits and exercised. It’s amazing how pumped up people get when they find out it really is that simple.”

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