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Mary Lou’s Weigh In – the Fun and Motivating Scale that Does Not Display Number

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KC_57-Mary-Lou's-Weigh-InHere is an unconventional scale that you will need to have like your life depended on it!

It’s smart and really friendly, and it secretly records your starting weight, without sharing the number with you.

Instead, every time you step on it you will hear Mary Lou’s tinkling voice telling you what you have lost or gained, giving you advice and tons of motivation.

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This is the perfect tool for the people who are constantly fighting yo-yo weight gain.

Are you one of them?

Many people get stressed just thinking they will see a number they will most probably dislike, and this is why Mary Lou’s Weigh In is such a success: it deals with number stress and takes pressure off of daily weigh-ins.

What a relief!

I love it because even the smallest amount of lost weight feels like an incredible victory!

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