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MajiMat – the Yoga Mat with Revolutionary Knee Support

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KC_36-MajiMatA yoga mat offers you 2 possibilities: to make or break your Yoga class. For those who do not practise it correctly or don’t have the proper mat, yoga can be a source of pain.

Certain poses can result in knee pain on a regular mat, and this is why I have a secret to share with you: it’s called MajiMat and it’s a one-of-a-kind Yoga mat that you will die to have, I am sure!

The first mat with a revolutionary knee protection and support system, MajiMat offers great support for joints and bones.

The top layer of this system is made of a moisture wicking fabric that keeps sweat away for greater performance.

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The foam cells placed in strategic impact zones will protect you against abrasion while exercising on the MajiMat.

The versatile edge support system acts like a cushion for joints and bones.

What more to say?

Practise away and feel protected: MajiMat will take care of you.

Find it here: http://www.majisports.com/

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