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Weight Loss Before and After: Magda Went From Plump To “Perfect 10” And Lost 35 Pounds

Age: 30

Height: 5 feet, 4 inches

How I Gained It: I gained weight because I didn’t have any self control – I ate whatever I wanted, and didn’t think I would gain weight. I would eat pizza every day, but I wouldn’t just stop at one slice — I’d eat a lot. I never watched my portion sizes.

I also ate tons of candy all day. I was always around people who were eating unhealthy things and so I would too. I was eating way too much sugar.

Breaking Point: My breaking point was when a woman asked me when my baby was due — but I wasn’t pregnant!

Also, one day I tried to put my pants on and I couldn’t even get them buttoned– I had to put a rubber band through the loop instead. I thought, “this is horrible.” I know I could buy bigger clothes but I just refused to go past a certain size. I was determined to get back to a size I felt comfortable with, and that’s when I discovered Dr. Michael Aziz’s Perfect 10 Diet.

How I Lost It: I lost my weight by following Dr. Aziz’s diet, and I have now made it my way of life. I found the plan difficult in the first week, then it became easier everyday. I now find it effortless.

The diet focuses on balancing 10 hormones. There are three stages to the diet, including a final maintenance stage. Grains and alcohol are banned for the first part but can be added in gradually. Sweets aren’t allowed when you’re losing weight but can be enjoyed occasionally once you’re in the maintenance phase. However, I’ve found that I do not miss eating high sugar-content foods like candy, regular ice-cream, or any regular or artificially sweetened soft-drinks. These days, I rely on items like include hard boiled eggs, almonds and seafood — especially shrimp — to give me energy. I also enjoy exercising three times a week.

I’ve given Dr. Aziz’s book to everyone I know. It’s changed my life. I used to have a lot of lower back pain because all the extra weight I was carrying was all in my stomach. That disappeared when I lost the weight. I feel healthy and alive, and don’t feel sluggish anymore. I have so much more energy these days. I’m also a lot more confident now when people look at me — I feel great!

It took me three months to lose weight and I still follow the diet because it’s a healthier way of life.

Magda has maintained her weight loss for three years by following the Perfect 10 Diet.

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