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Low Glycemic Recipe Orange Swirl Frothy – 200 Calories

Just like the sippy everyone loves at the mall! This easy Orange Swirl smoothie is frothy, foamy, and full of citrus flavor, sweetened with stevia. Great for breakfast, even better as a post-workout recover drink!

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Serves 1
2 tablespoons orange juice concentrate
1/3 cup skim milk or unsweetened dairy-free milk
1/4 cup frozen peaches
1/2 orange, peeled
4 drops stevia
1 tablespoon fat-free whipped topping

In a blender, combine orange juice, skim milk, peaches, orange, and stevia. Puree until smooth. Pour into a glass, then swirl the whipped topping into the smoothie with a spoon. Serve immediately and enjoy!

Calories: 200
Chol: 9mg
Total Fat 3g 4 %
Sat Fat 1g 7 %
Total Carb 44g 15 %
Fiber 3g 13 %
Sugars 41g —
Cholesterol 9mg 3 %
Sodium 73mg 3 %
Protein 6g

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