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Lost over 100 pounds

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In 2011 I weighed just a few pounds shy of 300 pounds. I avoided looking at the scale every time I went to the Dr.’s office and would just turn my head and say.. “Don’t tell me” Out of the blue I decided to look. I don’t know what caused me to change my ritual of turning my head that day, But it was my Aha moment I guess you could say.

I knew I had to do something. I did not want to hit 300 pounds. And I only had 3 pounds to go before I was there. I never looked at my self as obese maybe chunky… But boy was my mirror lying to me…I had a serious problem. I couldn’t even walk a block without being out of breath. Up a flight of stairs, or play at the play ground with my twin nieces. I needed help.I was a junk food addict.

Cake couldn’t be just one piece, it had to be so much I felt sick, Ice cream couldn’t be just a scoop or 2 it had to be half the bucket, same with chips and chocolate. I had to learn how to eat right again, and it wasn’t going to be easy. It all came down to a science.

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Count calories, and doing some type of working out at least 30 min a day. Even if it was just walking 10 min at a time. I had to actually read the stuff I was buying at the store, and what was in it.My fitnesspal was a godsend to me. It is a program that helps you keep track of your calories and add’s things up for you in order to lose weight, etc and came with a online community support group. Best tool I ever found.

I am happy to report I am down over 100 pounds and counting. It was never easy and some days I still struggle. I have learned to weigh myself and weigh myself often to help me stay on track and be aware. I try to read success stories often, they keep me motivated to keep going.

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My nieces motivate me to keep going. My family motivate me to keep going… And I do.. One step at a time. And I am healthier, no longer have sleep apena, no longer am pre diabetic, no longer have high blood pressure and I feel so much better about myself.

I still have have issues looking in the mirror seeing me for what I have accomplished. It takes looking at photo’s to really see how far I have come. I was told it can take time for your mind to catch up after a big weight loss like that.. Nothing ever is easy if it is worth fighting for. The most important thing I have learned is to love myself, and never give up on myself.. I will never be that person again.

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