We thought it quite humorous when our daughter’s neighbor thought my son in-law had a new lady in his life.

Staci was out in her yard and a neighbor that had not seen her for a while, really thought she was another person.

My daughter had lost seventy-five pounds and indeed looked like a whole new woman.

She was a chunky child and a heavier teenager.

After she married in 1992 and had children she steadily gained weight. She experienced gestational diabetes with the second child.

By 2000 she was truly obese and scared to death. I had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and this terrified her.

Staci decided to try to loose the weight . She started the Weight Watcher’s Point’s Program and started using exercise DVDs at home,

She was too embarrassed to go to a gym . After loosing enough weight to be comfortable to work out in public , she joined a local gym.

She was aways a very busy mom. Staci home schooled her children. My grandson was in karate and scouts. My granddaughter enjoyed gymnastics and cheer leading.

After about a year or so, Staci heard that the gym was to be sold. She was heart broken. The staff and members became such a part of her success . Staci and her husband decided to buy the little gym.

She took certification classes in circuit training, yoga nutrition and kick boxing.

The gym was completely overhauled and turned into a delightful work out, yoga and tanning salon.

Needless to say she continued to loose the weight and gain good muscle tone. Her confidence and self esteem blossomed.

About two years later Staci decided to go back to school and finish her degree. She had been a National Honor Student and excelled in every subject.

With a very heavy heart ,she sold her gym. She lost a tremendous amount of weight and was becoming the person she had always wanted to be.

Today she still counts points for maintenance and works out faithfully. She has kept the pounds off successfully. She and her twelve year old daughter are vegetarian and loving it.

Husband and son are lean and lanky!

I look at her and am so very proud. I was skeptical when she started. She has gone far beyond what I ever dreamed. It was wonderful to attend a family reunion while several aunts and uncles did not recognize her.

It was a long road, but a successful one.

She has never shown any sign of diabetes, since having gestational diabetes with her second child. ….Staci is a weight loss total success story…..

A true weight loss hero!

Total Weight Loss 132 Pounds

Source: iReports