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Losing Weight as a Couple

Beth O’Rourke, 39, and her husband, Keith, 38, were too busy raising two kids under the age of 3 to fend off postmarital pudge.

Beth “never lost the baby weight,” and Keith had thrown in the fitness towel a few years ago. “I figured, heck, I’m married, she loves me — all of me!” he says. Since their wedding in 2004, they’d peaked at about 200 pounds each. “We needed to lose the weight for ourselves and our kids,” Beth says.

The Weight-Loss Plan

The two spent Saturday and Monday mornings doing firm-and-burn workouts with trainer Jon Deck at New York Sports Clubs in Colonia, New Jersey, while son Connor, 3, and daughter Abigail, 1, romped at the gym’s daycare. They consulted Felicia D. Stoler, RD, a nutritionist in Manalapan, New Jersey, who helped them sneak veggies into the family’s meals and cut back on pasta. “Our dog really made out on the leftovers!” Beth says.

Sweated Bliss

“After our first workout, Keith couldn’t lift his arm to eat, and I couldn’t walk down the stairs,” Beth recalls. They’d never really worked out together before, and the intense mix of total-body strength exercises and cardio intervals was made bearable because “we’d goof on each other,” Keith says. Beth also kept tabs on Keith’s plate: “I was digging into barbecue at a restaurant one night, and she took a picture of my overloaded dish and sent it to our trainer Jon!” Five months later Keith is down to about 180 pounds, and Beth to 177, so they have a lot more energy for chasing the kids. Even better, Beth says, “exercising gave us a chance to actually spend time together, just the two of us.”


Source: Fitnessmagazine

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