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Before And After: I Lost 200 Pounds And Fit Into A Size 6

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Like most overweight people, I constantly lost and regained weight. I was a little overweight in high school, lost weight in college and blew up about five years after I left college, which would have been about age 24. I got up to about 300 pounds. My health was in a decline. I actually lost my sight…

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I am guessing that my blood sugar was high from all of the sugar I was eating, but I was too afraid to go to the doctor. And the amazing part is that I didn’t recognize that I was losing my eyesight until a coworker told me good morning one day and I realized that I could not see his facial features.

I couldn’t figure out who he was until he was a couple of feet from me!! I got fed up with being fat around 30 lost about 100 pounds. I was thrilled! I could shop in regular stores!!

I don’t know what happened, but by 35 I was close to 350 pounds!! I remember standing in my closet crying because I couldn’t fit in any of my clothes.

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The sad part is that I truly felt like the weight had snuck on me. How 150 pounds can sneak up on a woman is a question I was never able to answer.

Something snapped at 35 and I lost the weight; almost 200 pounds! I went from a 28 pant to a size 6. I hadn’t been a 6 since – well never. I lost the weight by changing my eating habits. I realized that I was a food addict. I would sit on the couch and eat a full gallon of ice cream in ONE sitting – often; as in at least monthly.

I was back in college and would go to McDonalds before class at 4:00pm, White Castle after class at 9:00 pm, just to get home at 9:30pm and eat a full dinner. And I really thought that I was fooling people by ordering two meals, one for me and a happy meal for my child. I have no children. I would eat both meals in the car.

Although I have done a fair job keeping the weight off; food is still a CONSTANT struggle for me. Every day I am telling myself that I don’t need a candy bar or cookies. Sweets are definitely my downfall. I could eat them all day and moderation is a virtually unknown concept for me. I focus on not eating in the car and forcing myself to wait until I get home.

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Although I went from a size 6 to a size 16 in the past year, I have gotten back down to at 12 and hope to finally settle at size 10. I felt size 6 was too little and way too hard to maintain. I can honestly say that I think this is it.

While I won’t promise that I won’t hit 16 again; I am fairly certain that I will never be a 28 again. I enjoy being smaller so much. I love that I can go into ANY store and purchase clothing. I love that I can walk farther without feeling like I am going to have a stroke. I love the confidence I gained by losing weight. And I love feeling like I look great; a feeling I rarely had at 350.  Source: iReports

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  1. Terena

    January 5, 2015 at 12:07 pm

    Your post was inspiring and real to me. I struggle with FOOD. I am a food addict too. I can never feel satisfied. Thank you for being honest and REAL and for proving to me there is hope!!

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